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Ballet in Málaga, ideas to be ready and to enjoy!Chorus, Ballet and Orchestra of St. Petersburg Russian Army

25 Nov

We are have a new ideas to do in Málaga. This Plan it´s no very expensive but you need to look for in you pocket as soon as you know the plan, you will go to buy a ticket. The ballet is fantastic, in Málaga we are lucky because we have in exclusive to  Ballet of Sant Petersburg.  A gift for your eyes.


I leave some dates about the plan, write it!!

Place: Teatro Municipal Miguel de Cervantes
Type: Clásica
Date: 20/12/2011
Hour: 21 h
Buy ticket: Unientradas (www.unientradas.es, 902 360 295, Unicaja offices )
Early ticket price : De 22 to 54 €


Cirque du Soleil in Málaga

14 Nov

Alegría in spanish or happiness in english is the international production about this show or performance. Ten millions of fans around the world. It has the most popular casting with clowns, acrobats, musicians, fifty five artists with seventeen countries. They dare the Physical Laws, aerial dance, Juggling with fire, trapeze and the live music, the cherry of our cake.

Now, is in Málaga until 4th of december. The timetable 17:30 A present of the senses. If you need a place where you stay. You musn´t have doubts Property for sale in Málaga, it offers solutions where you to be or live if you want watch the magical show.

Buy your ticket and enjoy!